Bilde: Frivillighetsarbeid i Kachin-staten? 
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Frivillighetsarbeid i Kachin-staten?

Tips en venn  • Utskriftsversjon  • 24. mars 2014

En av Burmakomiteens partnere Naushawng Education Network (NSEN) tar i mot frivillige ved behov. NSEN er basert i Myitkyina i Kachin-staten.

Om dere er interessert, send litt bakgrunnsinformasjon om dere selv og om erfaring relatert til de oppgavene NSEN ønsker bistand til, samt tidsperiode det er aktuelt å være frivillig. Send en epost til Burmakomiteen:

Hva den frivillige skal gjøre:    
NSEN is looking for someone who can teach English and do research on "Assessment of Kachin State Education and Policy review and recommendation on educational reform process in Myanmar". 

Om organisasjonen:
On April 9th 2009, NSEN was founded by young Kachin graduates from abroad who are committed to work for community development in Myanmar. It is based in Myitkyina, Kachin State, Myanmar. NSEN currently have five Executive Board members, all of them are local Kachin from Shan State and Kachin State but graduated from oversea. NSEN believes in strong civil societies in order for lasting democracy to flourish. Quality education is the key to cultivating and strengthening vibrant civil societies. Therefore, NSEN strives to provide educational opportunities to young people and to cultivate sense of community service.

NSEN also aims to contribute to the sustainable development, social justice in Kachin State and national reconciliation in Burma as a whole, by preparing young people with the skills and knowledge that they need to take on community leadership roles in the future. In pursuit of these aims, NSEN has set four important objectives. They are:

  • To promote democracy and human rights in Kachin State and Myanmar in order to have a peaceful and harmonious multicultural society.
  • To empower individuals through education to have sense of community service spirit and to make a real contribution to their local community.
  • To provide educational opportunities to young people in northern Myanmar’s Kachin State and Shan State.
  • To facilitate students in engaging community work and finding scholarship opportunities for those who want to pursue higher education.

Since 2010, NSEN has been annually running two programs: the eight-month intensive Civic Education and TOEFL Preparation Training (CVTPT), and short courses of the Civic Education and Youth Empowerment Trainings (CEYET). Both of the programs cover Civic Education and English language skills, and the depth and breadth of lesson contents vary depending on the duration of trainings. These programs will be run for the fourth time in 2013. With the raising IDPs issue and their children’s educational needs, NSEN also provide Volunteer Tuition Services for poor IDPs Students from 2013. 

NSEN has skilled staffs as all of our Five Executive Members (FEM) are graduates from international universities abroad. We have alumni whom we sent abroad to pursue further studies in international universities. We also have alumni like Ms. Kaw Mai from the NSEN’s 2010 eight-month intensive program, who studied Master of TESOL at Payap University in Thailand and came back to Myanmar and work for NSEN as a full-time teaching staff from early 2013. Our alumni who are currently studying in international universities abroad also occasionally work as volunteers at NSEN programs in Myitkyina during their summer school break. With the graduation and corporation of our alumni, NSEN hopes our projects will be more effective in delivering our goal and objectives in disseminating civic education and building capacity of young people in northern Myanmar in the future. 

Tips en venn


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