Bilde: To kachin lærere voldtatt og drept 
Kilde: Audun Aagre

To kachin lærere voldtatt og drept

Tips en venn  • Utskriftsversjon Kachin • 22. januar 2015

To unge kvinnelige lærere fra Kachin-staten ble brutalt voldtatt og drept natt til 20. januar i nordlige Shan-staten. Undersøkelse er pågående, men vår partner Women's League of Burma hevder at burmesiske soldater står bak. Burmakomiteens daglige leder deltok på minnemarkering.

Two young Kachin female teachers were tortured, raped and killed in Shan State overnight on 19th/20th January. Photos and rumors quickly spread on social media accusing the Burmese Army. Democratic Voice of Burma and Irrawaddy are not confirming this information, but are referring to ongoing investigation. Burma Campaign UK on the other hand issued a statement saying they have confirmed reports that Burmese Army soldiers raped and killed the teachers. AsiaNews reports that the incident was a revenge after recent clashes in Kachin State.

The Burmese Army is reputed for using rape as a weapon of war in conflicts with ethnic nationalities. Our partner Women's League of Burma has documented such crimes since 2001. According to WLB's statement the village in which the teachers lived was guarded by Burmese military troops the night of the incident, "making it impossible for anyone else to have committed these crimes". WLB further says that ongoing sexual violence highlights the urgent need for Burma Army to stop offensives and pull back troops from Kachin areas. Only last week clashes left thousand civilians stranded in Kachin State. 

Our director Audun Aagre is in Lashio, Shan State, and participated in the funeral ceremony for the victims yesterday. Here is his report: 

Photo: Audun Aagre."In Lashio, taking part of the funeral ceremony for the young Kachin girls, Tangbau Hkawn Ra (21) and Maran Lu Ra (20), brutally raped and killed in Sabuk, Kawng Kha. The two girl were volunteer teachers for Kachin Babtist Organisation (KBC) in IDP camps. The coffins were taken from the hospital at Muse to Lashio today. 5 pm people started to gather at the Babtist Church. More than thousand people waited for more than six hours (in six degrees celsius), and when the coffins finally arrived they paid respect by making a 300 meters long corridor of candle lights. The ceremony ended 1 am. I was the only foreigner at the site. Hope some embassies, peace makers and government officials find time to travel to Myitkyina, to attend the ceremony Saturday morning. There are already political implications. Everyone here is certain that the military has committed the crime, but we should wait to conclude until KBC/gov has finsihed their investigation. The coffins will be brought to Mandalay tonight, and to Myitkyina tomorrow. People will sure mobilise. Rest in Peace."

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