Our project partners

The Norwegian Burma Committee is cooperating with, and supporting, organizations in the Burmese pro-democracy movement. NBC's project partners are carrying out important work in refugee camps, across the border and as political advocates and watchdogs.

NBC's project partners are:
- All Burma Federation of Student Unions - Foreign Affairs Committee (ABFSU-FAC)
- Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM)
- National Health and Education Committee (NHEC)
- Women's League of Burma (WLB)

NBC's selection criteria for project partners:
- they should be working with topics related to democratisation, political activities and human rights, capacity building and education, media and communication and gender equality
- they should carry out cross-border activities
- the target group should include several ethnical groups and have close relations with people on the grassroots.

NBC is committed to our project partners on a long-term basis. We engage in close follow-up, and give advice and support to the partners' organisational development and capacity building.

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